Wednesday, April 4, 2012

No Business Like Show Business

We are so excited!

We've just heard through the old gossip-vine around the Randroid Belt that Dr. David Kelley, Ph.D. — brilliant intellect, original philosopher, author of a popular book on logic (whose title escapes me, for some reason), and trusted advisor to Hollywood producers and directors — paid a surprise call to the bustling movie set of Atlas Shrugged, Part II!  We loved Part I so much (despite the long lines on which we impatiently waited to buy scarce tickets during each of the 12 times we saw it), we can hardly endure the anxiety of waiting until fall 2012 for the sequel!

Thank Randroid this movie's in production and Kelley's in charge!

As you can see, everyone in the cast and crew was delighted to see Dr. Kelley, and was eager to confirm with him that they were making this masterpiece in strict conformity with the philosophical tenets of Objectivism.

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