Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Introducing the Randroid Belt

Somewhere between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter floats a yawning chasm of space debris; broken bits of useless rock orbiting our sun en masse. Astronomers call this chasm an asteroid belt.

Floating around the World Wide Web and orbiting their own sun en masse are broken bits of useless intellectual junk we call a Randroid Belt. This flotsam has various names, depending on its origin; names like "Objectivist Living," "SOLO," and "NoodleFood," to name just a few.

From time to time, we'll tool around this void and comment on bits of Objectivist net-junk as they hurtle past us on a collision course with their central star — just for laughs. There's so much to choose from, even though the Randroid Belt itself is mainly empty space.

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